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analyna's Journal

i love reading stories ,fan fics etc, (i've written a few myself),

i go through phases i was totally into James Bond last Year
Been into kpop and Jpop for about 3 years .

i don't get the point in being a hater or anti (it wastes time ).

i love books by love James Patterson, JR.Ward and christine feehan
i mostly like romance with a sprincle of supernatural.
if not give me some hard core supernatural.

i will forever like Usher (my 1st CD was his)
i listen to pretty much anything if i hear it then i might like it.
(never really got into hard rock or heavy metal though )
and i love the costumes anffanservice for visual kei but i never really listened to the music

i loved the covenant, 300, ninja assasin ,and Lord of the Rings all 3 i can watch all day

i watched quite a few asian dramas also and although theycan get really predictable there is just something that makes you keep watching.(i love Hana Yori Dango,My name is Kim Sam Soon,Smiling Pasta and a few others)

if i like something or something piques my interest i google and youtube it until i find out everything i can about it