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Ok so whole semester long I've been waiting on vacation .All my exams are finally over and my results are good so far  yet i'm so incredibly bored.

3 almost 4 months vacation is too long.(yeah I won't be thinking this when college starts back ).

I've been into kpop for 3 years now but I'm slowing getting tired of it and there really isn't any group that is keeping me  intrigued and everybody seems to be heading to Japan anyway.(the fan wars were upsetting me too).I don't know something as been off about it lately maybe the songs or concepts or talents but something. and as much as i love the dramas they are starting to get repetitive but threre's nothing wrong with a cliche once its done right/well

However after these 3 years I still love JPOP and  I'm still really into KAT-TUN i really wish they would get their own show again. Also though i love WHITE (my heart was in my hand thinking they might have lost their streak) and am forever in love with Yuuki no Hanna I can't wait until they release a song that causes me to compleltely freak ot as some of their other stuff did (i still sing CUW sometimes).

the snippets I've heard of Run for U sound good .

I don't really follow any other JE groups the only other one I am familiar  with is Arashi and News kinda.I didn't get all the Yamapi craze at 1st but then I came to realize there must be something about him that drives girls crazy and I saw a couple of his performaces and they were good so I'll give him a chance .

My Ichiban is Ueda

.I just adore him but i  also think Junno is gorgeous They're all hott anyway , i love all 5 members .........and Jin too. 

Everything that peaks has to fall its inevitable therefore all the groups/solo singers that are on top now or that are selling huge now or that I like  will drop somewhat in the future but the best thing about being a fan is that once they keep on making good music I'll be there .

I really need a good drama to watch